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Hanging Wall Planters for outdoor & indoor UK garden

Are you looking to add greenery to your space? Hanging wall planters are a great option. They are not only beautiful but also have health benefits. This blog post explores the beauty and appeal of wall-planting pots in the UK. We’ll cover different types, ideal plants, planting tips, decorating ideas, and maintenance. Transform your space with these versatile and stylish planters.

Exploring the Beauty

Wall planters add elegance and greenery to indoor and outdoor spaces. They create stunning vertical gardens, enhancing patios and gardens. These stylish decorations come in various colours, sizes, and materials like ceramic and metal. Create a beautiful garden planter with the correct fixings and plant pots. Try Esschert’s garden planters for sophistication.

The Appeal of Hanging Planters in the UK

Hanging planters are popular in the UK for outdoor use. They come in various colours and styles to suit any aesthetic. Mix and match different farmers to create a beautiful display that adds charm to your home. These planters are perfect for small gardens and limited spaces, bringing greenery into compact areas.

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Types of Hanging Wall Planter Pots

Enhance your living area with planters made from various materials. Terracotta offers a traditional look, while metal adds durability and a modern touch. Ceramic planters offer sophistication and refinement. Explore different materials and textures to find the perfect grower that complements your style and interior design.

Terracotta Wall Planters

Terracotta is a classic and timeless choice, providing excellent drainage for healthy plants. They add a touch of warmth and earthiness to any space. Perfect for herbs and small flowering plants, these planters come in different sizes and shapes. Explore the beauty of terracotta and elevate your garden with its natural charm.

Metal Wall Planters

Metal wall planters offer a contemporary and sleek aesthetic, perfect for adding a touch of modernity to any space. These durable and weather-resistant planters are ideal for outdoor use, allowing you to create an industrial vibe with various colours and finishes. They provide the perfect opportunity to add a sophisticated touch to your garden or indoor decor.

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Ceramic Wall Planters

Elevate your garden with elegant and visually appealing ceramic wall-mounted planters. With plenty of shapes, sizes, and patterns, you can create a stunning display filled with colourful plant pots. Perfect for indoor use, ceramic planters complement any decor. Explore different glazes and textures to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor wall-planting pots in your garden.

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How do you choose the right size and shape of wall planter for your space?

When choosing a wall planter, consider the available space and the type of plants you want to grow. Opt for a size that allows enough room for plant growth and root expansion. Additionally, consider the shape that complements your space, whether vertical or horizontal, round or rectangular.

Ideal Plants for Your Wall Planting Pots

Ferns add a lush tropical feel to your garden with culinary herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary, perfect for your wall planter. Choose plants with similar sunlight and watering needs for optimal growth. Experiment with various plant combinations to create an eye-catching display.


Succulents, the ideal plants for busy individuals, require minimal watering and care. Add a touch of greenery to your planting pots with various succulents available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colours. Create a unique and vibrant display by combining different types of succulents.


Ferns bring a lush and vibrant look to your wall planter, thriving in humidity and indirect light. Choose different types of ferns for texture and depth, creating a versatile display in indoor and outdoor ceiling planting pots. Add a touch of nature with beautiful ferns, enhancing the colours and aesthetics of your garden planting pots.


Enhance your wall planter with fragrant and functional herbs like basil, mint, and thyme. Herbs and spices add flavour to your meals and beauty to your garden. Enjoy fresh herbs all year round by maintaining a well-cared-for herb wall planter. Get creative with different combinations of herbs to elevate your culinary experience.

Tips for Planting in Pots

  • Choose the right-sized plant pots for your garden planting pots.
  • Ensure good drainage to prevent waterlogging and promote healthy plant growth.
  • Opt for high-quality soil that provides essential nutrients and retains moisture.
  • Consider the location and lighting conditions of your garden before planting.
  • Regularly monitor and adjust watering needs to maintain plant health.

Ensuring Proper Drainage

  • Opt for ones with built-in drainage holes.
  • Improve drainage further by lining the bottom with rocks or pebbles.
  • Use a lightweight soil mix that drains well to encourage healthy plant growth.
  • Avoid overwatering to prevent water accumulation, and regularly check for clogged drainage holes.

Choosing the Right Soil

Use a well-balanced potting mix for optimal plant health. Incorporate organic matter to enhance nutrient retention and soil quality. Avoid heavy soils to prevent excess moisture and root rot. Choose soil mixes formulated for container gardening and test the pH level to ensure suitability for your plants.

Decorating Your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Create a unique and stylish vertical garden using various plant types and colours for visual interest. Hang planting pots outdoors to maximize space on your patio or balcony. Incorporate them into your interior design for a touch of greenery. Experiment with different arrangements and heights for a dynamic display.

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Patio Wall Planter Ideas

Elevate your patio with a vertical wall planter for a herb garden. Mix and match plant colours and textures for a vibrant display. Use plant pots for trailing plants and create a cascading effect. Add colour to your patio by hanging planting pots with flowering plants. Combine planting pots with outdoor furniture to create a cosy outdoor oasis.

Indoor Wall Planter Inspiration

Add plant pots to your kitchen for fresh herbs. Hang garden planters in your living room for a touch of nature. Create a lush atmosphere in your bathroom with vibrant planters. Install them in your home office for a calming and productive environment. In your bedroom, enjoy the peaceful ambience created by wall-mounted planters.

Maintaining Your Wall Planter

It is essential to water them appropriately, provide adequate sunlight or artificial lighting, prune and trim regularly, monitor for pests and diseases, and clean the plant pots regularly.

Regular Watering for Plant Health

It is crucial to water your plants consistently, considering their requirements. Ensure that water reaches all planter parts and doesn’t just pool at the bottom. Consider using a drip irrigation system for efficient watering. Adjust the right frequency of watering based on environmental factors like temperature and humidity.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Outdoor Wall Planters

Remove debris and dead leaves, and wipe down the exterior to keep it clean. Also, check for mould or fungus and take appropriate action. Avoid harsh chemicals and store your planters properly during the off-season.

DIY Wall Planter Ideas

Reuse old containers like mason jars or tin cans as plant pots. Create a living wall with a small garden on a wooden panel. Use recycled pallets or wooden crates for a vertical display of colourful garden plant pots. Hang terracotta pots on a wire grid for a rustic touch. Transform a picture frame with plant pocket planting pots.

Creating a Trough Outdoor 

  • Select the suitable materials like wood or metal.
  • Choose the correct size and shape that suits your available space and style.
  • Add drainage holes and lining to protect your walls from water damage.
  • Select plants that thrive in the lighting and watering conditions of your planter.
  • Add decorative elements such as lights or trellises for a visually appealing touch.

How does the size of a planter affect plant growth?

The size of a planter is essential for plant growth. Large planting pots provide more soil and root space for better nutrient absorption. Smaller farmers may restrict root growth and result in stunted plants. Consider the plant’s fully grown size and watering needs when choosing a planter.


In conclusion, hanging wall planters add beauty and appeal to your indoor and outdoor spaces, showcasing creativity and a green thumb. With various types available, such as terracotta, metal, and ceramic wall planters, you can choose the perfect ones to suit your style and preferences. Regarding plants, succulents, ferns, and herbs are ideal for planting pots due to their adaptability and low maintenance requirements. Remember to decorate your spaces, whether creating a beautiful patio display or adding an indoor touch of greenery. Regular watering and maintenance will ensure the longevity of your wall-mounted planters and the health of your plants. Lastly, we would love to hear about your experiences and ideas in the comments below.

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