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Top 13 Evergreen Climbers for Shade in the UK

Evergreen climbing plants, such as deciduous climbers, are a great choice to add year-round interest to your garden. They provide greenery even in winter and create a stunning backdrop for other plants. This blog will discuss the benefits of evergreen climbing plants and list popular choices that will thrive in the UK climate. We have curated a list of the top 13 evergreen climbers, including deciduous, that will add beauty and colour to your garden.

Why Choose Fast Growing Climbers Plants?

Enhance your garden with year-round foliage and colour by choosing climbing plants. These low-maintenance plants require minimal pruning and care, making them perfect for busy gardeners. Not only do they add privacy and cover unsightly areas, but they also thrive in shade gardens and attract pollinators. Climbers are an excellent choice for any garden, especially in the UK climate. These plants add beauty and colour throughout the year and provide a stunning backdrop for other plants. Whether you’re looking to enhance privacy or cover up unsightly areas.

Benefits of Evergreen Climbing Trellis

They offer a vibrant and ever-present backdrop for your garden all year round. These evergreen plants provide a natural screen for privacy. They can also be trained to grow on trellises or arches, adding visual interest to your outdoor space. Their lush foliage creates a beautiful contrast with other plants in your garden. Many climbers also produce flowers or berries, enhancing the overall appeal.

Furthermore, these can help reduce noise pollution and provide much-needed shade during the summer months. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, there are several other benefits to choosing fast-growing evergreen climbing plants for your garden. One of the key advantages is their ability to provide a vibrant and ever-present backdrop throughout the year. Unlike deciduous green plants that shed their leaves in winter, these climbers maintain their lush foliage, adding colour and life to your outdoor space even during the colder months. Another advantage is the privacy they offer. These evergreen plants can create a natural screen, shielding your garden from prying eyes and creating a secluded oasis.

Summer Garden Hydrengea

  • Honeysuckle: With its fragrant blooms, this climbing plant attracts hummingbirds, adding a touch of nature to your outdoor space.
  • Jasmine: Delicate white or yellow flowers and a sweet fragrance make jasmine a beautiful choice for any garden.
  • Clematis: This versatile climber comes in a wide range of colours, allowing you to create vertical interest and vibrant displays.
  • Ivy: A classic addition to any garden, ivy is an elegant climber that adds texture and greenery.
  • Euonymus: Known for its dark green leaves and vibrant berries, this climbing plant provides year-round beauty.

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13 Best Climbing Plants for UK Gardening Vines

Consider these best plants to add colour and vibrancy to your UK garden. Akebia Quinata is an attractive climber with purple flowers and chocolate-scented blooms. Ceanothus Americanus produces stunning blue flowers and is drought-tolerant. Clematis Armandii is known for its fragrant white flowers and glossy green foliage. Clematis Cirrhosa, a winter-flowering evergreen climber, adds a pop of colour to the garden from December to February. Cotoneaster is a versatile climber with small white flowers and vibrant red berries in the winter. 

Akebia quinata

Akebia Quinata, also known as the brown vine, is a versatile plant known for its attractive foliage and fragrant flowers. This fast-growing plant, commonly called the chocolate vine, is easy to care for and thrives in full or partial shade. It can be trained to cover walls, fences, or pergolas, adding a touch of beauty to any outdoor space. Akebia Quinata, or the chocolate vine, works well as a ground cover or container plant. With its hardiness against cold winters in the UK, this climber, often called the chocolate vine, is a reliable choice for your garden.

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Clematis Armandii

Clematis Armandii is a fantastic evergreen climber known for its stunning flowers that thrive in shaded areas. Its early spring blooms are beautiful and emit a delightful fragrance. This versatile twining climber can be trained to grow on walls, trellises, or pergolas, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. It requires well-moist soil and regular watering to ensure its health and growth. Light pruning in the summer months can also help promote its vigorous and healthy development. Clematis Armandii is a must-have for those looking to add an evergreen climber with stunning flowers, such as this twining climber, to their garden.

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Euonymus fortunei

Euonymus Fortunei is a versatile evergreen climber that thrives in shade. With its glossy green leaves that transform into stunning shades of red or purple in autumn, it adds colour to any garden. This climber can be easily trained to climb along walls and trellises, creating a beautiful vertical display. One of the advantages of Euonymus fortunei is its minimal need for pruning and maintenance. It is also adaptable to various soil types and is resistant to pests and diseases.

Garrya elliptica

Garrya elliptica, a hardy evergreen climber, thrives in shade and cold temperatures. During late winter and early spring, it produces long, cascading catkins that add a touch of colour to the garden. This highly versatile plant can be trained to grow up walls, fences, or trellises. Garrya elliptica prefers well-drained soil and regular watering in dry spells to ensure healthy growth. Pruning should be done in late spring or early summer to maintain its shape and promote new growth.

Hedera colchica

Hedera colchica, also known as Persian ivy, is a vigorous evergreen climber that can reach heights up to 20 meters. Its large glossy leaves, which can measure up to 10 cm in width, add a touch of colour and vibrancy to any garden. This climber thrives in partial shade and moist soil, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited sunlight. With its low-maintenance nature and minimal pruning requirements, Persian ivy is a versatile option for covering walls, fences, and trellises.

Holboellia Latifolia

Holboellia Latifolia, a fast-growing climber, is an excellent choice for creating a natural screen or privacy hedge in shady areas. With its attractive white flowers that bloom in early summer, these climbers add beauty and fragrance to any garden. It is low-maintenance and adapts well to various soil types. Growing up to 10 meters in height, Holboellia Latifolia is hardy in most parts of the UK, making it a popular option for gardeners looking to add colour and life to their outdoor spaces.  

Lonicera henryi

Lonicera Henryi Var. Subcoriacea is an evergreen climber that can add height and interest to your garden, especially in shaded areas. Its attractive leaves and fragrant flowers make it famous for covering unsightly walls or fences. Other famous climbers for shade in the UK include Clematis armandii, Trachelospermum jasminoides, and English ivy. These plants offer year-round colour and are perfect for creating a beautiful and vibrant garden.

Passiflora Caerulea

Also known as the blue passion flower, it is a stunning evergreen climber that can reach heights up to 8m. Its vibrant flowers and glossy green leaves add colour and interest to shady areas in your garden. When selecting an evergreen climber for shade, consider the specific needs of Passiflora caerulea, such as soil type, moisture levels, and sunlight requirements.

Pileostegia Viburnoides

Evergreen climber plants are a fantastic way to add beauty and interest to shaded areas in the UK. Pileostegia Viburnoides, an evergreen climber, is well-suited to thrive in shady conditions. Consider Hydrangea Petiolaris, Clematis Montana, and Lonicera Henryi for other great options. When selecting a climber, it’s essential to consider its height and spread to ensure it fits your space. To support the growth of the climber, consider providing it with a trellis or fence.

Pyracantha Hedge

Pyracantha, an evergreen climber, thrives in shady areas. It’s a hardy plant that can tolerate different growing conditions. Whether trained to grow up walls or fences or used as a hedge, this versatile plant adds colour to gardens. Pyracantha produces clusters of white flowers in summer, followed by bright red or orange berries in autumn. The berries attract birds, making it a popular choice for wildlife enthusiasts. With regular pruning, Pyracantha maintains its shape and size, making it an excellent addition to any garden.

Solanum Crispum

Solanum Crispum, also known as the Chilean Potato Vine, is a popular climbing plant that thrives in shade in the UK. With clusters of blue or white flowers that attract bees and butterflies, it adds colour to any garden. This hardy and low-maintenance evergreen climber can grow up to 4 meters tall, making it ideal for covering walls, trellis, and fences.

Stauntonia Hexaphylla

Stauntonia Hexaphylla is a versatile plant that thrives in both sun and shade. Its fragrant flowers bloom in the spring, and edible fruit ripening in the fall adds beauty and functionality to any garden. This climbing shrub can be trained to cover walls, trellises, or pergolas, or it can be cultivated as a stand-alone shrub or small tree. With low-maintenance requirements, Stauntonia Hexaphylla is a popular choice among UK gardeners looking for an evergreen climber that brings colour and interest throughout the year.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides

Trachelospermum jasminoides, commonly known as Star Jasmine, is a popular choice among evergreen climbers for shade gardens in the UK. This versatile plant produces fragrant white flowers during summer, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any outdoor space. Alongside Star Jasmine, other climbers such as Clematis, Ivy, and honeysuckle are well-suited for shaded areas, offering a variety of colours and textures.

How to Choose the Right Evergreen Climbers UK

  • The amount of sunlight and shade in your garden. This will determine which climbers, such as those with self-clinging aerial roots, will thrive in your specific conditions.
  • Consider the height and spread of the climbing plant to ensure it fits within your space. Check the plant’s hardiness zone to ensure it can withstand your local climate, especially regarding frost tolerance. Consider the climbing plant’s desired bloom time and colour to complement your garden design.
  • Research its maintenance requirements, including pruning and watering, to ensure they align with your gardening capabilities.

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Evergreen Fast Growing Climbers Screening

 Suppose you’re looking for evergreen climbers that quickly provide a privacy barrier in your garden. In that case, there are a few options to consider. One popular choice is the English Ivy (Hedera helix), which multiplies and can cover fences or walls with its lush green foliage. Another fast-growing option is the Clematis armandii, known for its beautiful white flowers and ability to cover large areas quickly. The Honeysuckle (Lonicera) offers vibrant blooms and rapid growth for a more colourful option.


In conclusion, these plants are a great addition to your garden, providing year-round beauty and privacy. They offer numerous benefits, such as reducing noise, purifying the air, and attracting wildlife. To make the selection process more accessible, we have listed the top 13 evergreen climbers for shade in the UK. From Akebia Quinata to Trachelospermum Jasminoides, these plants will thrive in shady areas and enhance the aesthetics of your garden. If you need help deciding which plant to choose, use our helpful links, including advice, pictures, and buying guides, or comment below for any suggestions or queries. And remember to share this valuable information on social media to inspire others to transform their gardens with evergreen climbers.

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