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4 Trending Power Booster Herbs and Food Supplements In 2024

Discover four powerful herbs and supplements revolutionizing holistic wellness.
Mushrooms like turkey tail and tremella are popular on TikTok and in Chinese medicine to trend in 2024. #TurkeyTail
Mango leaf extract with ginger is gaining popularity as a supplement for enhancing mental alertness and alleviating fatigue. It can be consumed as tea and is expected to be adopted by more companies by 2024.
Fly Honeysuckle berries also known as "the elixir of life" are popular for their high antioxidant content and have four times more anthocyanins than blueberries. The dark purple flesh indicates their high anthocyanin content.
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 1. Increase Metabolism
2. Curbs Appetite
3. Manage Sugar Level
 4. Reduces Fat Storage
5. Supports Healthy Gut