white bird of paradise

Grow White Bird of Paradise Plant Indoors and Outdoor

The white bird of paradise is a stunning testament to nature’s creativity. This banana plant originates from South Africa and has become a beloved ornamental …

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dahlia tubers, dahlia planting

Dahlia Tubers: Tips for Planting Dahlia in the UK

Dahlias are a popular choice for gardeners in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. With their vibrant colours and unique shapes, their beauty can add ...
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brandied cherries, cocktail cherries, brandied cherries recipe

How to Make Brandied Cherries at Home

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly made cocktail with a old fashion cherry on top. But have you ever tried making brandied cherries at home? These little ...
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calamansi juice, calamansi juice substitute

TikTok’s Best Calamansi Juice Substitutes

If you’re a fan of TikTok, you might have noticed many videos featuring Calamansi Juice. But what happens when you want to make a recipe that calls ...
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hot lips plant, salvia hot lips, hot lips plant b&q

How to Grow Salvia Hot Lips Plant

You’ve probably heard of the Salvia Hot Lips Plant if you love gardening. This shrub is popular among garden enthusiasts for its colourful flowers and easy maintenance. ...
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rockery plants, rockery plants uk, shade, best

Best Rockery Plants for Evergreen UK Shade

Rockery gardens are a beautiful way to add texture, depth, and interest to your trailing plants outdoor space. One of the most important things to consider when planning ...
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ashwagandha ksm66, ashwagandha uk, organic ashwagandha, best ashwagandha uk

Where to Find the Best Ashwagandha UK Products

Ashwagandha UK, an adaptogenic herb, has gained immense popularity in the UK for its stress-relieving properties. It is one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs for centuries ...
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